Fly Tipping & Hare coursing

Those that follow our Ruckinge Community Page on Facebook will likely have seen the many posts by Peter New who is our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator. 

Two items we want to raise awareness of

1). Fly Tipping (Flytipping is the illegal dumping of waste or rubbish) which has steadily grown across Ruckinge and Bromley Green.

2). Hare coursing (Hare-coursing – in which dogs are unleashed to chase down hares and catch them in their jaws – has been banned in Britain on cruelty grounds since 2005).

In both cases, we urge the public to report these matters. Only by doing so will the police and Ashford Borough Council recognise the problem and prioritise resources.


Report Fly Tipping here :

Call 999 and quote Operation Galileo if you see Hare coursers (by quoting Operation Galileo the appropriate officers will be sent ASAP)

Some latest photos