As I See it on the Land – October 2022

Whilst the ground was rock hard, we took the opportunity to get access to the pond opposite the Granary on Ash Hill where a large poplar tree had lain across […]

As I See it on the Land – September 2022

What idiot wrote this article last month? I was informed harvest was several days away when I was writing the piece. Searing heat for a few days transformed the situation. […]

Ruckinge Village Hall – Book & Plant/produce exchange

As part of the beginning of regeneration of the Ruckinge Village Hall (and future book and plant/produce exchange) – a huge thank you to the volunteers who spent this afternoon […]

Bromley Green Play Area

The Bromley Green Playground, Car Park and Carters Field are owned and operated by the Ruckinge Parish Council. The council pays for the field to be cut by a contractor […]

Fly Tipping & Hare coursing

Those that follow our Ruckinge Community Page on Facebook will likely have seen the many posts by Peter New who is our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.  Two items we want […]

As I See it on the Land – August 2022

Our activity on the canal towpath came to a sudden halt when my left knee painfully swelled up and prevented further work. Four weeks later and following an MRI scan […]

As I See it on the Land – July 2022

We became a victim of criminal damage. Whilst driving along the canal towpath at Ruckinge on Monday 30th May, we noticed that there were some wheel marks in our first […]

As I See it on the Land – June 2022

I have had a very anxious five weeks worrying about crops. This spring has been the worst planting experience of my farming life. Some of the 140 acres of linseed […]

As I See it on the Land – May 2022

This country needs a Minister for Food, and very soon, meaning now. This DEFRA nonsense is beyond a joke. Since leaving the EU, our government decided that it would reduce […]