THE QUEEN’S PLATINUM JUBILEE Ruckinge community lunch in the churchyard and neighbouring field. Sunday 5 June 2022, 12.00pm to 3.00pm RUCKINGE RESIDENTS: Join the community for a celebration day • […]

As I See it on the Land – March 2022

Devastating. No other word describes the mess of fallen trees caused by storm Eunice yesterday. Even today as I write more trees are succumbing to the strong wind that has […]

As I See it on the Land – February 2022

We managed to get Darren Godden, a ditch cleaning genius, to give us a day’s work with one of his machines. He cleared a ditch of vegetation, dead wood and […]

As I See it on the Land – December 2021

We have just enjoyed three weeks of dry, calm weather in November, almost unheard of. It has encouraged some belated growth in the green cover crops, but not enough to […]

As I See it on the Land – November 2021

Once again, the weather has taken control of our farm work and it appears we are heading for some serious crop losses. The wheat stubbles that were planted with cover […]

As I See it on the Land – October 2021

Harvest eventually finished. The wheat at Woodchurch came off similar to the rest of the farm. Light in bushel weight but with good bread making quality. We hear that nationally […]

As I See it on the Land – September 2021

I forgot the deadline last month and have been duly admonished by several readers. Couldn’t have been anything urgent to report on!! Spring Watch eat your heart out. The pictures […]

As I See it on the land – July 2021

The break in the weather came towards the end of May, when five sunny days allowed those making silage or haylage a less worrying time. I watched two neighbours busy […]

As I See it on the Land – June 2021

Relief at last. All through April we worried about the extremely dry weather. I only recorded 3mm of rain in the month. Cracks were opening in the arable fields just […]