Bromley Green Play Area

The Bromley Green Playground, Car Park and Carters Field are owned and operated by the Ruckinge Parish Council.

  • The council pays for the field to be cut by a contractor every 2-4 weeks (depending on weather and grass growth) from April – October.
  • The council brought in a contractor in June-July 2022 to perform updates to the surfacing of the car park.
  • The children’s play area was proactively constructed by the Parish Council in approximately 2017 (so it is only 5-6 years old).

Play area

An annual risk assessment was performed in July 2022. There are currently around £600-700 in updates and repairs needed to keep the area safe/operational, which the council are (just about!) able to cover – this includes repairs to fencing, gates, seats and picnic tables as well as other minor fixes.

Sadly the area as a whole (not just the play area) has suffered greatly over recent years from vandalism and anti social behaviour.

With Parish funding limited (for everything) a post has been made on the social media Facebook pages of Ruckinge and Bromley Green to see if the area is still desired by local residents, and to see who might be willing to form a volunteer group to help keep it clean and tidy and report issues.

At this stage donations are not being sought, but that may be something we look towards as part of either working with the existing Bromley Green Residents association (who run the Bromley Green Village Hall), or establishing a specific volunteer group specifically for the upkeep of the play area.

If there is a desire to significantly change or update the play area, then almost certainly addition funding would be required at that stage.

Further updates will be added to this news article once feedback has been received from residents and then discussed at Parish Council in September 2022.

Facebook page :

Update 1st August 2022

Great News. Councillor Linda Harman has today provided ~£1,000 in grant funding for regeneration of the play area.  Thank you Linda.

£307 will be spent immediately on essential repairs to fencing, gate, gate posts and swings to make safe/operational.

A volunteer group will be established (if interested to be part of that, please email Clerk at the bottom of this page). This group can consider the best use of the remainder of the funding in terms of improvements and updates. The group will then be responsible in conjunction with the Parish Council to support cleaning. grass strimming, and reporting of issues as they arise.