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Community Alignment

Members of the Ruckinge Parish Council met with the Treasurer for St Mary Magdalene Church, David Hanbury, in November 2022. It was highlighted that the Ruckinge Village Hall, which is owned by the Parish Council, was back under Parish Council management and a series of updates and renovations would be starting in the New Year, and that the Hall would be closing during this period. These renovations remain ongoing with progress updates regularly posted on this Parish Council website and inside the hall itself.

9th May 2023
David Hanbury, St Mary Magdalene Church “I’ve seen first-hand today the changes both inside and outside, and I think it’s tremendous what has been achieved by residents and councillors who have clearly worked tirelessly over many months. The main hall looks fantastic, and the frontage outside looks inviting, and something which the community can be proud of. I know it’s a “work in progress” but we can all see it’s heading in the right direction, and I am certain will be a great success.

At this time, the St Mary Magdalene Church lacks toilet facilities. It should never be assumed or expected that the toilets at the Ruckinge Village Hall be made available without a valid booking, and I am delighted that we’ve come to an agreement over key dates in 2023 where we have now formally booked the facilities. I wish to place on record my thanks for the help and support of the Parish Council and congratulate them on the work they’ve already completed.”

Denis Archer, Parish Councillor & Chairman of the Ruckinge Village Hall Group “It’s a juggling act renovating the building, and on a shoestring budget I might add, while also taking bookings to grow much needed revenue. I’m glad we’ve been able to reach an agreement with David over the dates he needs support, and that wider we are looking at ways to work in partnership together on other initiatives.’


January – May 2023

Over the recent months more than 20 residents have worked tirelessely.

  • The main hall has been completely transformed – replastered, repainted, new lighting, floor rubbed down and revarnished.
  • The car park undergrowth has been cut back – doubling in size the number of parking spaces.
  • The entire frontage has been cleaned of debris, fencing and gate restored, new posts added, new signage, a new bench.
  • Electrical and plumbing changes are in flight.
  • Broadband has been installed.

Much work remains “ongoing” and will continue as part of a year + renovation plan.

New garden planting is ongoing.  Restoration of the 1951 Ruckinge sign is in progress and an application to the BBC to appear on television show is in progress.

It’s been fantastic to see the community support.

Thank you to all those that has contributed time, efforts, and made donations. 

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Background Information


Village Halls

Within the Parish of Ruckinge there are two Village Halls. One at Ruckinge and one at Bromley Green. The Parish Council own the one at Ruckinge, and own the playground, car park and field (Carters Field) at Bromley Green.



It isnt easy to run a Village Hall unless you have lots of time and lots of money – and over 30+ years it has historically been a challenge for anyone to operate the Village Hall at Ruckinge.

Since December 12th 2022, the Ruckinge Parish Council have taken over the running and restoration of that Hall.

Progress in 2023!

We have

  • Negotiated ¾ off the price of standing electricity charges (£2.50 a day down to .60p)
  • Negotiated 100% relief from business rates.
  • Cheaper (but also enhanced) fire equipment has been obtained on a service contract.
  • Bookings are up!!!
  • Broadband has been installed.
  • The address is now listed with the Post Office.
  • Increased Security has been added.
  • We  received a £500.00 grant which went towards repainting and redecoration.
  • We had a renovation & painting weekend in March and a clean-up of the exterior grounds supported by more than 20 people.



The Parish Council remain committed to a fresh start, literally a fresh coat of paint, and to take the hall forward and ensure it plays an active role in the community.