The Parish Council need clarity from the Village Hall committee (charity 302828) on the following items (send to both and

1). Full financial records for the last 5 years
1b). Details of any audits

2). A list of those currently serving on the committee
3). Dates and minutes of meetings for periods 2000, 2021, 2022

4). A full copy of all active insurance policies

5). A list of grants that have been received/applied for
6). A list of all spending in progress (anything not shown in latest accounts)

7). Suppliers

7a). Electric (company, name, number)
7b). Water and sewage (company, name, number)
7c). Gas – if applicable (company, name, number)
7d). A list of any other Standing Orders or Direct Debits

8). A list of any current debtors / creditors

9). All guarantees for works performed by tradespeople (boiler servicing etc.)

10). Parking

A detailed appraisal of the caravan situation including the background to why two are parked in the car park + all other parking arrangements re other motor vehicles being parked on the land. The owners’ names and addresses, insurances that are in place (the owners’ insurances and any you have taken out), planning permission considerations listed, how money is paid, to whom and on what frequency

11). Bookings – a list of historical (last 3 years) and all active bookings including contacts.

12). A transfer of funds to the Parish Council (arrange direct with Peter Setterfield /

13). Closure of the following out of date/disused online legacies