The St Mary Magadlene Parochial Church Council (PCC) approached a local resident to create an alternative map to replace an out-of-date hand drawn burial map

1). Create an accurate visual/physical map
* For reference and to be displayed in church
* For each grave to be precisely located

2). Produce a digital map with online access
* To document all known burials
* A resource that can be easily updated

The paper map was not kept up to date
Some burials were plotted in the wrong location
The church burial register started in 1942
The pre 1942 register had to be sourced
Burials in fact were registered from 1538
There have been 3000+ burials since 1538
Not all burials have been registered
Not all plots/memorials are in the register
Every single memorial had to photographed
Some memorial details are too old to read

Outcomes (Printed Map)
Produce an accurate visual/physical map
Each grave is GPS located
The church dimensions are precise
Each memorial is accurately drawn to reflect the size of a burial plot
All graves are filtered and colour coded by memorial type
It’s sectioned by logical plot references
Each burial plot has a unique reference
Printed lists of burials found are ordered alphabetically and by grave number

Outcomes (Digital)
Produce a digital map
All can access the dedicated website online
It can be readily updated as burials occur
There’s a `search’ tool that can be used remotely or when visiting the church
It provides some local history and context to why the burial map was created
It features a useful historical timeline
Content refers to helpful related links
The local community are welcome to use the map and contribute feedback

Outcomes (Burial Search)
Search and find a grave
There’s an online database free to search and find burials St Mary Magdalene, Ruckinge (
A name search will go to the burial location
Around 300+ graves are plotted
Where possible, each burial lists relevant content and imagery (see example)
Some graves are missing names and dates (not found)
More than 3,000 people are be buried here, with records as far back as 1538

Outcomes (Images)
Produce drone footage and imagery
Overhead footage and imagery was taken to accurately plot the memorials
For those unable to visit, a flythrough video was produced St Mary Magdalene, Ruckinge, graveyard – YouTube
Every memorial is shown in the video –

Where possible, each grave has an image of the memorial, a burial register listing and a context setting image

Currently funded by the Ruckinge Parish Council